Thank You Rotary Foundation


Yesterday we received a check for $1000 from the Rotary Foundation of Jackson County!  The money will be used to purchase new books.  We are extremely grateful!

This has definitely been and will continue to be a community supported project.  Various organizations and people in Jackson have worked to make this library come back to life.  We still have miles to go, but we are well on our way thanks to the kindness of many!


I took a trip to the Plymouth District Library today to see their Teen Zone, which was listed as a great space in a brochure I picked up at the ALA (American Library Association).  It IS a great space, very inviting to teens and indeed there were a couple teenagers hanging out, openly chatting (none of that shhhh! business) obviously very comfortable in their zone.

I loved the shelves, very industrial looking, and the computer stations, very modern.  I also liked the room (which was locked) for groups of 2 or more.  I think a space for teenagers that looks inviting to them, that represents their interests in a library is extremely important. This space definitely said, “For teenagers!”  





There has been so much happening since the last post.  Here is a rundown:

We had a Scholastic Book Fair!  We sold approximately $5000 worth of items which meant we received over $2000 from Scholastic to use toward purchasing books for our library and for the classrooms.

We had a Box Tops contest and raised over $800 for books for the library!

We had another successful Community Night at In Good Company with over $600 in donations.

We had an author visit with our students!  Miriam Jones Bradley had lunch with about 20 of our active library students and it was such a treasure for them to ask her questions about being an author.

We received over 2000 books, graphic novels, from a family at Parkside!

We received a check for $10,939 from the Kiwanis Club of Jackson which will be used to purchase 30 tablets, comfortable seating and display cases.

A contract for 3 years has been signed by Jackson Public Schools and the Jackson District Library to secure our librarian.  This is very significant!

We continued to serve the students at Parkside and we have been adding to the collection nearly every single day.


Look for more to come!

Moving Forward


Author Event Registration Open!

You can register for “An Evening with Debra Goldstein” here!

Check It Out!

Please read this post on Linda Rodriguez Writes:  Guest Blog by Debra Goldstein, Parkside alumnus and the guest of our author event, “An Evening with Debra Goldstein.”




It Takes A Village

Students and community members have been working in the library this summer, getting it ready for the 2012-2013 school year.  We’ve been cataloging donated books, shelving books, cleaning shelves, moving furniture, creating art…getting the space ready to be used!

This year is our big fundraising year – we need approximately $250,000 to purchase a new collection of materials and another $300,000-$400,000 to renovate the space.  Until those funds are raised (and we’ll be purchasing materials as we go) there is no reason to leave the library in its current condition…there are books, let’s get them in the hands of the students!

We appreciate ALL the people who have pitched in this summer to help out – we’re not finished yet, so if you’d like to help, send us an email:

Dee Taylor, Gabrielle Taylor and Kobe Maxwell volunteering to make the library useful for students.

An Evening with Debra Goldstein



The Parkside Media Center Project and Jackson District Library present:

Debra Goldstein, Parkside alumnus and author of
Maze in Blue, a murder mystery set on the campus of the University of Michigan

Date: Saturday, October 6

Time: 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Location:  Middle School at Parkside Library

Tickets: $35, includes a signed copy of Maze in Blue

All proceeds benefit the library at Parkside

Registration opens August 15

For more information email us at

Check out a story about Debra Goldstein here

Books provided by Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor

Bookmarks by Ashleigh

Ashleigh, from Pennsylvania, made these for our project. Thank you Ashleigh! You are an inspiration and a young volunteer serving the world! What a wonderful, talented way to support libraries!


Libraries Are Important!

My wonderful niece Ashleigh sent an email to me offering her help with this project.  Ashleigh is a middle schooler and though she lives 500 miles away, I wanted to take her up on her offer.  I suggested she write why libraries are important and here is her piece:

Hi!!! My name is Ashleigh Battista and I am from Oxford Pennsylvania.  I love my library. It’s a place where books can take you on adventures and they help you learn at the same time!!! I also love my library because there are so many good books that you can read. There are tales about love, friendship, and tales about ghosts, and mysteries. Then there are nonfiction books about science, the Earth, and so much more. There is one last reason that I love my library and that is that there is a librarian who is there to help me. She can help me figure out where books are what type of book I need and she can even recommend books!! These are just a few of the many reasons why I love my library.

Ashleigh is an avid reader and a wonderful niece!  I am so proud of her.  Thank you Ashleigh!

Anyone else want to pipe in?  Send us an email: